Sony-Ericsson Launches First 3G Phone for US-and-A

Sony-Ericsson’s phones have gotten sexier as they’ve matured, much like yours truly. We’ve gotten word about a couple of new phones set to hit the US market, including one the Z750 with HSDPA, most likely headed to AT&T. Beside the 3G connectivity, it has a cool mirrored clamshell with a hidden LCD. It includes a 2-megapixel camera with an M2 card slot and a nifty integrated stock ticker and RSS reader.

Alongside the Z750 comes the W580, a music phone under the Walkman brand. Like its big brother, the W580 features a 2-megapixel camera and card slot, but in a sliding form factor, a design we’ll most likely see a lot of this year. It has a pedometer, too, if that’s your sorta thing (edit: Lots of cool stuff can be done with the accelerometer). Sadly, it lacks 3G connectivity, but it does have an FM radio to make up for it. OK, that doesn’t make up for anything.

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