MOTZ DIY Music Box Turns That Blow-Up Doll Into An MP3 Player

Straight outta Korea comes the MOTZ DIY Music Box, an extremely basic MP3 player designed to fit inside everyday objects. Equipped with USB 2.0, 256MB of storage, and MP3/WMA/OGG support, this tiny device is perfect for turning your unused objects around the house into music players. That underwear you haven’t washed in months? Now it’s an MP3 player! Those drugs the police seized in that raid three-months ago? They could have been crankin’ out some Dylan instead!

MOTZ’ Music Box will set you back $40 and the cost of shipping it from Korea. But think of the possibilities! What would you put this thing in?

MOTZ DIY Music Box – make your own MP3 player [Red Ferret]