iRiver T50: 1GB of Cookie-Cutting

iRiver keeps fighting the useless fight against the iPod, this time trying to convince us that its 1GB T50 is as cool as the shuffle. How you could think otherwise is beyond me, what with its little knob navigation thing and tiny 1.01-inch screen. Like everything else iRiver, it does support nerd-friendly audio formats like OGG (and MP3 and WMA, natch). Other useful gems include FM radio support and voice recording via its built-in microphone. A single AAA battery powers the T50—available in both black and white, mind you—for about 52 straight hours. Not bad, but non-Apple DAPs these days seem about as sensible as investing in the ice telegraph wires. That, and it just looks dumb.

Product Page [iRiver via Akihabara News]