Gamestop's Shoddy Customer Service

Alex over at Joystiq tells an interesting story about a Sunday-drive to Gamestop where he tried to purchase God of War II. When Alex entered the store and asked for a copy of GoW2, the employee behind the counter asked if a reservation had been made. When he replied “No”, the employee at the Gamestop walked over to the display wall, grabbed a case, opened it, and stuck a copy of the disc and manual inside. There were plenty of brand new copies inside the display case behind the counter (like always), but the employee wasn’t budging and kept insisting the game he was trying to sell was completely new. Terrible.

So what did Alex do after standing there in shock-and-awe for a hot minute? He did the same thing I did with WoW: BC: drove to another store (Best Buy) and bought it in 100% new condition. I knew Gamestop sucked, but this much? That’s just nuts. Hit the link for the full-story and one of the best pics I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Gamestop shenanigans sell open games as ‘new’ [Joystiq]