BlueAnt Supertooth Light Bluetooth Speakerphone

Though BlueAnt is calling this a speakerphone, it’s just a full-duplex, high-performance speaker. Well, not just a full-duplex, high-performance speaker of course, but the Supertooth Light is for hands-free use of your Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices (up to five can be simultaneously paired with the unit).

The $99 Supertooth Light features Clear Voice Capture and Digital Signal Processor technologies for noise and echo cancellation and to improve voice quality. It will also automatically adjust speaker volume to compensate for loud engine noise or if the windows are down or if your kids are hopped up on sugar and won’t keep quiet.

It’s designed to attach directly to your visor and easily flips over so it’s always in front of you whether the visor is up or down. There’s support voice dial activation, redial and call reject, too and the battery runs for 15 hours of talk time. Oh and that little stick on the side is the mic, which can be retracted when not in use.