See? I Told You The PS3 Is The Best Console Ever!

Oh wait. What’s that noise? Is that the sound of Nintendo Wii owners whining and pouting? My goodness! Keep it down! Just because 100 lucky people who lined up to get a PS3 got a free 45-inch Sony Bravia LCD TV doesn’t mean you should be poor sports. I mean, doesn’t the Wii come with like a wrist-strap or something cool like that?

But all fun and games aside, 100 people really did receive a free Bravia last night. Sony’s Ray Maguire announced to the crowd that if they were going to buy a PS3, they should at least have a decent TV to play it on. He then revealed the 45-inch Bravia, jaws dropped, and cheers were present all around. Good for you Sony. Glad to see you’re giving back to your customers.

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