Pink Zune Confirmed, Just in Time for the 61st Anniversary of the Pilbara Strike of Indigenous Australians

All your dreams, My Little Pony Fans, have come to fruition. What better way to prove that you and Butterscotch really like your tunes than with a fancy pink Zune for $249 from EB Games. ClicZune dug up the news by apparently visiting the EB Games site, which is definitely a sly bit of newsgathering, and discovered the Pink Zune should drop on May 1, 2007.

The Pink Zune, or Pinkie, is a 30GB model with just about everything we expect from Zune — low market share, hubris, double-shot coloring — and is considerably less than the pink Zunes spotted on eBay a few months ago.

Product Page via ClicZune