Laptop Chiller Pads: Crave Finds The Coolest of the Cool Coolers

The key to laptops is that they go on top of your lap, thus the name. But as they get more powerful, they get hotter, and anyone who’s spent a good deal of time with a MacBook Pro on their thighs will tell you, it’s not fun. Because of this, laptop coolers have become something of a full-fledged product category, with many manufacturers trying many different ways to keep your stems chilled.

While it would be nice if we could go through and list a variety of different models with their pros and cons, we’ve decided against it, mostly because those hotheads over at Crave beat us to the punch. It’s a well put together piece, with a handy graphic for those scoring at home. Their broken down by how hot they are, comfort, and even looks.

Cool Hand Laptop: Eight laptop coolers tested, rated, and reviewed [Crave]