Wii Sales Destroying The PS3's

Since it’s release, the rampant buying spree that has consumed the Nintendo Wii is starting to really make a mark on the video game industry. The Wii is now almost 2-to-1 in terms of sales compared to the PS3. Like I mentioned the other day, the PS3 only sold 127k units during February as opposed to the 335k Nintendo Wiis that were sold.

This kind of dominance in a market is what will ultimately turn the PS3 into a niche product. Sure there’s some people who just don’t want to buy a PS3, but it’s also an expensive product that a great deal of people just can’t afford. 1.1 million PS3s have been sold since launch and the Wii has sold 1.9 million. That’s less than a million in difference and with such a vastly different price point between the two consoles, it’s also not too shabby for Sony. But with 2007 still ahead of us and loads of good games for both consoles coming out, I think by Q1 of 2008 we’ll be able to tell who our winner is in the stupidest battle ever: The Console Wars.

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