Chapit Helper Robot Reminds You of How Lonely You Are

You’ve got to be pretty damn lonely to need a robot for a friend, but that’s what Japan’s Raytron is hoping for when you see Chapit. Chapit is a tiny robot that looks like a cross between Honda’s Asimo and a cookie jar. Not only does it provide you with no questions asked companionship, but it’ll actually help around the house, too. Things like turning on and off TVs and lights are simple for Chapit. Better still, it comes with a built-in vocabulary of 100 words with which to communicate with you. Keep going for another picture of the little guy.

See how much happier this woman is with that hunk of plastic by her side? Now if only we could get Chapit to trudge through press release after press release and churn out tiny snippets about revolutionary products. Actually, we have VV for that.

Product Page [Rayton via]