Geometry Wars Was Supposed To Be FREE

Microsoft screwed you over, lads. Bizarre (the creators of GW) recently told IGN it originally wanted to release Geometry Wars over XBL Arcade for free, but Microsoft wouldn’t allow them. Says Bizzare:

Geometry Wars was really intended as a gift to hardcore gamers and we initially wanted to give the game away for free. When it became evident that we couldn’t do this, we said to Microsoft “what’s the absolute bare minimum we can charge”. They said 400 points, so we went with that.

That’s not all though. Turns out a guy named Stephen Cakebread basically designed and programmed all of Geometry Wars by himself. Bizarre goes on to explain that Boom Boom Rocket, its upcoming title, was more of a team project that involved everyone. But seriously, you’re telling me I could have gotten Geometry Wars for free? You suck Microsoft. I’m totally never using your products ever again.

At least for the next 24 hours. Maybe.

Bizarre: Geometry Wars Shoulda Been Free [Kotaku]