Polk Audio’s iPod Dock

Are there are any speaker companies out there that haven’t jumped on the iPod bandwagon? Of course considering the number of iPods on the market, it is understandable why companies such as Polk Audio would want to cash in. And while many of the docking stations out there are just plain terrible, their new RadioShack exclusive MiDock10 ($199) – get it “My Dock” – actually made an impact with iPod users. This April a similar, but slightly larger docking station will arrive in the form of Polk Audio Designs MiDock Studio, a portable system that runs via an AC adaptor or a mere eight C cell batteries. The MiDock Studio will come with adapters to support any of the iPod models from the Nano to the 80GB iPod. The MiDock Studio will be available at various retailers, as well as from the from Polk Audio’s Web site, but of course they’re still mum on the price.