Limewire Will Make A Mess Of Your iTunes

Apparently you can still complain about a program used for the sole purpose of pirating when it goes and breaks your iTunes library. Lately, a conflict has been discovered between Limewire and iTunes 7.1. If you have the P2P program set to automatically add songs to iTunes, your library is gonna go bye-bye. A gentleman who works at an Apple service center had this to say:

I work at [an Apple service provider]. Today we saw [multiple] iTunes libraries completely corrupted; looks like the culprit was Limewire not playing well with the newest version of iTunes.
All had just updated to the new version of iTunes and all had Limewire set to automatically update their iTunes library with new songs. One [library] was not salvageable, though the other two were (after much pain and suffering).

Sounds nasty dude. Sorry to hear everyone’s iTunes is broken, but maybe you should on the Bit Torrent bandwagon like everyone else so you can avoid this kind of crap. So far, it’s only a Mac OS X problem, so Windows users (for once) won’t have to worry.

Limewire breaks iTunes 7.1 [TorrentFreak]