Dell, Alienware Ship Systems With One Terabyte Drives

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Dell and Alienware are the first PC manufacturers to include an internal 1TB (that’s one terabyte, or 1,000 gigabytes) hard drive as a build-to-order options on their systems. You’ll find this hulking hard drive on “select” XPS, Aurora and Area 51 boxes. Adding 1TB of space will cost you just a little bit, somewhere in the neighborhood of $540 (at least for the XPS setup). A quick search on the Internets brings up 1TB external drives for at least $100 less. Dell might have some explaining to do.

And yes, Dell goes on and on about how many “digital photos” you can store on a 1TB drive (allegedly one million). But we all know what you’ll really be storing on there: hours upon hours of gonzo.

Press Release [Dell via Electronista]

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