Viacom's Lawsuit Against YouTube Has No Chance of Succeeding

When Viacom announced that it was going to sue YouTube and Google, plenty of folks on the Web did that whole, “you’ll never beat YouTube, YouTube forever, etc” schtick. Turns out these silly geese may have a point.

BusinessWeek has a solid article analyzing why YouTube and Google may be on solid legal footing and have no real reason at all to fear Viacom. The primary reason is that YouTube’s business model doesn’t revolve around copyrighted material (like Napster’s did back in the day), but on really great, homemade, user-generated content. In other words, Viacom can’t turn around and say YouTube profits solely off its copyrighted material. When infringing material is reported to YouTube, it’s soon removed.

Another reason is that, unlike the P2P companies of years past that the RIAA sued into oblivion, YouTube has plenty of money behind it in the form of Google with which to fight off lawsuits.

Kudos to BusinessWeek for coming up with rational explanations and not just “Viacom sucks, YouTube rules!”

Viacom’s Suit Won’t Snuff Out YouTube [BusinessWeek]