Dude Over At Crave UK Thinks The PS3 Is The Most Unwanted Console Ever

So over at CNET’s UK version of Crave, a dude named Chris Stevens is declaring the PS3 the “great unwanted console”. That’s fantastic that he thinks he’s a mix of Jude Law and Paul McCartney, but guess what: he’s still wrong about the PS3. Chris goes on to spit out useless figures and data like a 1977 UNIX-command, saying that no one is lining up, the console is unwanted, and there’s no good launch titles. I’ll admit, the launch title lineup and the fact that the UK PS3 has no Emotion Engine built-in is sucky, but Motorstorm, Madden, and Resistance are all winners.

As for his statement that the PS3 is the most unwanted console in recent history, well I’ve only got one word to counter that: Nintendo. Virtual Boy? Obviously the hugest selling console of all time. Gamecube? Best graphics and game library ever (Mario Party 56 I’m psyched for!!!). That should be i-wait I forgot about Game and Watch. Sorry.

Look, I kid about Nintendo somewhat (I really think it’s safe to say that the Virtual Boy and Gamecube weren’t winners though), but there’s no way the PS3 is the most unwanted console ever. People are just poor and finnicky. If you don’t have the cash, then keep moving along buddy. The damn system hasn’t even launched in the UK. Give it a year then start declaring your opinion Stevens. From now on, you’re totally On Notice.

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