WikiSeek Launches Community Edited Search Engine

WikiSeek should not be confused with Wikia’s upcoming search engine (although I did). Both, however, are developing community-edited search engines, and both have received assistance from Wikipedia (Wikia, though, is co-founded by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales).

And while Wikia pushed some more vaporware news last week about their own upcoming community edited search engine, WikiSeek quietly launched an actual product.

The main WikiSeek search engine shows results only from Wikipedia and sites linked from Wikipedia. The new community edited search engine, which they stress is experimental only at this stage, can be found at and the results can be edited by anyone. There are a number of throttles on the service – for example, only ten results are delivered currently.

But you certainly can edit the results, as I did with a search on TechCrunch. I have no idea if a human community can really be expected to deal with the massive amount of spam that will be hitting the search engine if any appreciable traffic to the site develops, but this little (albeit Sequoia backed) company sure has guts, and they launch products.