Samsung Q1P UMPC Gets Vista Certification

Samsung’s Q1P ultra mobile PC (UMPC) is the first such device to receive Windows Vista certification. Now that it’s Vista certified, it can sit at the cool kids’ lunch table at school. UMPCs haven’t exactly lit the world on fire (just look at the price—$1,300? No thanks), but it’s good to see more and more devices support Microsoft’s version of OS X.

The Q1P’s stats are fairly plain, with a 60GB hard drive and 1GB of memory. The seven-inch touchscreen is plenty spacious, though, with which you can doodle the hours away then convert your handwritten notes into searchable text. Funny, Samsung wants the Q1P to be a hit with businesses and if there’s a group that’s more averse to using Vista than businesses IT departments, I haven’t seen it.

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