U.S. To Lose The PS2 Inside The PS3?

Word on the wire is that folks in the good ol’ USA may be getting PS3s without the PS2 Emotion Engine chip. Europeans and those using the PAL version of the PS3 already have gotten the shaft. Not having that Emotion Engine chip means the PS3 is forced to emulate a PS2 through a software-based method.

Because this is the same way Microsoft is doing Xbox-support on the 360, only a limited number of games for Europeans and those with PAL systems will be available. Could this all happen in the US as a cost-cutting measure? Definitely. So if you’re a fan of classic titles like Castlevania: SOTN, Jet Moto, and Final Fantasy 8, then pick up a PS3 in the US before Sony screws us over.

Sony to bring ‘PS2-less’ PS3 to U.S., Japan? [The Register]