Relaunching The CrunchBoard Job Board

There’s a new version of the CrunchBoard job board – we’ve ripped out our custom code and replaced it with the new Edgeio marketplaces product.

Edgeio is a company that I co-founded, and I spent a lot of time with them working on the product features to make sure it was perfect for us and other sites that want to have their own classifieds site. They’ll customize the page to have the same look and feel as your main site, and handle all of the logistics, customer service and payment issues. They charge a flat 20% of gross fees generated if you choose to charge for listings, otherwise the product is free.

One feature edgeio has that we’ve already implemented – the ability to cross promote other job boards on your own. So in the process of listing a job, I can ask the lister if they would like to also list their job on another edgeio-powered board, optionally for an additional fee. If the lister chooses to do that, the fee is split between me and the other job board any way we want to split it.

Another feature, not yet launched, is an affiliate program. When that is launched other sites can become affiliates of edgeio powered sites, and receive a commission for selling listings. There will be both a widget and simple link option for affiliates. I’ll be adding this as well as soon as it’s available, and giving away a third or so of the fees to affiliates.

We’ll also now be expanding Crunchboard to other types of relevant listings as well. More on that later.

The important thing for us is to provide relevant job listings for new startups, and get employers and employees together as easily as possible. edgeio is letting us do that, without the hassle of managing all of the bugs and hassles inherent in maintaining your own code.

Note: There are lots of excellent other job board providers to choose from (I wrote about many of them here), and I am clearly conflicted in choosing edgeio. Still, I think the pricing and flexibility to expand beyond job listings into a customized craigslist-type site for any kind of listings makes it a good choice.