Fujifilm A820, A900: 8 or 9 Megapixels, Less Than $200

Everyone seems to be downplaying the importance of megapixels lately, and while we don’t disagree they shouldn’t be wholly ignored because it’s still a reflection on image quality. Case in point, Fujifilm’s newest compact budget shooters, the A820 and A900, which offer the company’s 8- and 9-megapixel Super CCD HR image sensors, respectively. The A820 carries a price of $180, the A900, $200.

The specs on the cameras are identical except for the resolutions. Fujifilm didn’t skimp on display size, using a decent 2.5-inch LCD. Settings are easily accessible with the mode dial, including scene modes and picture stabilization that boosts the ISO (which goes up to 800) to help prevent blurry photos, whether it’s the user moving or the subject.

Other nice features include 4X optical zoom, an intelligent flash that works with ISO to make the background and subject better exposed, a card slot that takes both xD and SD memory and the new IrSimple wireless standard that lets you send and receive images to and from other IrSimple-equipped cameras, printers or kiosks. The only downside we found right off: The cameras do feel, um, inexpensive. We’ll have to get back to you on image quality, too.