Thanks To TechCrunch Sponsors and Readers

Thank you to the current TechCrunch Sponsors (and our readers, who keep the sponsors coming back). If you would like to sponsor or advertise on TechCrunch, details are here.

FOOA – The Future of Online Advertising is a conference happening out in New York June 7th and 8th. The conference features speakers such as Digg’s Jay Adelson, Brightcove’s Jeremy Allaire, Federated Media’s Chas Edwards, Feedburner’s Steve Olechowski, Micropersuasion’s Steve Rubel, RightMedia’s Michael Walrath. The full list is here. The schedule also includes a ton of case studies about advertising, covering salient topics for advertisers such as ad networks, search ads, video ads, and click fraud prevention. If you sign up now you will save $100 off admission.

Edgeio – Classified listings are hidden all over the web, Edgeio brings them all together. They have 100+ million items, from 16,258 cities, in 162 countries. They let you search by category and geography. Check out these PlayStation 3’s for sale.

Compete – Looking to see how your site stacks up on the web? Check out compete statistics for your rank, page views, and average stay. Compete snapshots also cover website deals for sites like these deals on Yahoo.

Text Link Ads – If you’re looking to monetize your site, or for new advertising opportunities, check out Text Link Ads. TLA helps improve your site’s ranking and target 10,000+ niche communities, all at a flat rate. Still scratching your head? Read their simple guide to link buying.

Omnidrive – It’s not only storage, it’s also file synchronization. Files stored on your Omnidrive account reflect the changes you make using online editors or offline, letting you easily update photos you serve on your blog from your desktop. They also have a new API ideal for web applications looking for a home for their data. Go here to sign up.

Zoho – Zoho has been turning out a long list of quality web apps over the past year. Use Zoho for your own document editing, spreadsheets, planning, and presentations, or for their collaborative wikis, notebooks, and project management.