Olympus Stylus 780: Basic 7.1-megapixel Point-and-Shoot

Olympus’ latest point-and-shoot digital camera, the “all weather” Stylus 780, keeps many of the same basic features from last fall’s Stylus 750 (7.1-megapixel image sensor, 2.5-inch LCD and 5X optical zoom) while adding a few that are intended to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of the camera. It incorporates the TruePic III image sensor (just like its more advanced sibling, the E-410 DSLR) for improved image quality and a dual image stabilizer to make sure that your terribly shaky hands don’t ruin otherwise perfect shots. Also of note is what Olympus calls Perfect Shot Preview, which lets you fiddle with all sorts of camera settings while viewing pictures on the LCD: too dark, lighten it up; white balance awry, adjust to your satisfaction, etc. This mode is also intended to help novice camera users get used to the jargon of digital cameras without permanently destroying any of their shots in the process.

Look for a $349 price this May. Just don’t look for an optical viewfinder since they’re too hot to handle for novice camera users.

Product Page [Olympus]