Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge Has a Winnah

Whew. It’s been about two weeks since we launched our Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge. And today we can finally announce a winner.

We’ve seen some truly disastrous workspaces during our travels. I felt a lot of vindication. All those years of my parents telling me I had the messiest desk on Earth and me insisting that I did not. You’ve proven me right and for that I thank you Crunchies.

Anyway, I guess you’d like to know who won.

Out of our five finalists, V.M. has emerged from the fray as the clear winner, raking up almost half of the total votes. So congrats V.M. you’re the proud new owner of a Steelcase chair.

Our other finalists will not go uncompensated! Their efforts shall be rewarded with iFrogz gift cards. The people at iFrogz make some of the best iPod cases available.

Thanks to everyone who competed. It’s been fun. If you’re interested, you can view the full album at Photobucket.