Finally, An MP3 Player for the Life Aquatic

Swimming and listening to music aren’t generally things I think of doing together, but apparently it isn’t just second tier super hero Aquaman who wants to listen to tunes while getting wet and wild. Freestyle Audio is introducing the Audio Digital Music Player, which they claim is nearly indestructible. This MP3 features shock proof, skip free audio and can go deep – up to 10 feet under water, which is good for hitting the deep end in a pool, but far from delivering the soundtrack to the search for Atlantis. It does comes with waterproof earbuds, and is available in 256MB ($139.95), 512MB ($169.95) and 1GB ($199.95) flash memory models, and features a rechargeable battery with up to 40 hours of playtime. That should be enough to go the distance whether you’re just hitting the gym or catching that big wave.

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