Stanton UBERSTAND For Laptop-based DJs

Normally, I’d dismiss an stand like this as utter crap. However, after reviewing and spending time with M-Audio’s Torq Mixlab, I realize that there is a market for this stand and it’s probably very useful. The Uberstand was created as a portable response to the ongoing problem of DJ setups not having room for a laptop.

The UBERSTAND also folds up and fits in a 12-inch bag so you can carry it on the go to your gigs. Made of aircraft-grade metals, the stand seems to be perfect for holding say a Macbook Pro, the Torq Mixlab system, and a small hardware-based sampler. Who needs guitars anyway? Stanton’s UBERSTAND will set you back $80 and will be available soon.

Stanton DJ Uberstand for Notebooks [I4U]