Sony's New Muteki Power Stereo Line: Tokyo-Designed Latin-American Goodness

Alright, Sony. Your new Muteki line of bass-thumpin’ boombox stereos seem fine enough, and I’m not even going to touch the issues associated with a Japenese company designing products aimed at America’s growing Latino market
(the showroom floor had lots of literature targeted at dealers explaining the growing Latino market segment.) I’m going to leave that one up to you.

Shown above:

Muteki LBT-ZX80D
A triple DVD player, 880 watts, dts decoding

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Muteki LBT-ZH9
720 watts,5-disc CD changer, MP3 playback

Muteki LBT-ZH6
560 watts, 5-disc CD changer, mic input for karaoke.

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