Sony's New PictureStation Photo Printers

Sony dropped a load of new photo printers today — the PictureStation DPP-FP90 (pictured above) and the PictureStation DPP-FP70 (pictured after the jump). Both print “lab-quality 4×6-inch prints” in 45 seconds (remember when you had to wait at CVS for an hour?), and the company seems especially proud of the built-in editing features that let you fix up your exposure, focus, and red eye on the LCDs (3.6-inches for the FP90, 2.5 for the FP70.)

Bonus: If you’ve got a Sony camera, they claim to “optimize” the prints by reading embedded data. We’ll see about that.

The FP90 will go for about $200, while the FP70 will ring you $150. Both are Vista-compatible. Click the jump to see the cheaper one in all it’s glory…