Patent Monkey: Digital Display Magic

In this week’s IP-Review on digital cameras and displays, we find a slick Konica Rollable LCD screen for digital cameras and found an “immersive theater” concept patented by Kodak.

What looks to be taken out of the movie Minority Report, the Konica display technology is described as using “electronic paper, [wherein] the liquid crystal layers of red, green and blue are superimposed, attraction and separation of toner between two layers is used, and the organic EL is light-emitted on the film.” Highly compact, we’d really love to see Konica push this development into a prototype. Is something in the works?

On the potential implementation of rollable displays for digital cameras, Polymer Vision announced a partnership with Telecom Italia to launch their technology into mobile devices. Their site also discusses their rollable display technology as having “a bending radius of just 0.75 cm – which is why they can virtually ‘disappear’ into mobile devices”. Polymer is a spin off from Philips that has been working in the area since 2002. Bigger screens, compact size, nice.

Also Noted: Kodak Immersive Theater
technologies and we look forward to even more progress in this direction.