Corsair's Premium Flash Voyager GT USB Drives Go Really Fast

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Corsair announced an update today to its Flash Voyager line of USB drives by adding a “GT” to the end of the name and changing the color from blue to red. Oh, and the company hand picks the NAND flash for each one and is using a new flash controller with enhanced dual channel and interleave memory technologies. What’s all this mean my friends? Put simply: Speed.

As the sizes of these drives get larger (the GT comes in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB models) speed becomes increasingly important. The read speed on the GT gets up to 34MB/s with write speeds up to 28MB/s. That’s about five times faster than average drives. And if you’re thinking about taking advantage of the ReadyBoost feature in Vista, you need this kind of speed, too.

Other features include a proprietary all-rubber housing that is water and shock resistant and is able to operate in extreme temperatures, TrueCrypt encryption software for AES 256-bit encryption for the super spy in all of us and a 10-year warranty.

The introductory MSRP for the three capacities are: $29.99 (2GB Flash Voyager GT), $59.99 (4GB Flash Voyager GT), and $119.99 (Flash Voyager GT 8GB).

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