Jesus on a Cell Tower: Believers Sign-Up for Service, Have Faith They'll Get Reception

Many religious people see mystical images of Christianity in everyday items. To believers, that’s not just a potato chip, that’s the image of the Virgin Mary. But it wasn’t food imagery that excited the Ugandan town of Gulu, but the image of Jesus atop a cellphone tower.

According to Eric Odongo, he “…saw clouds on top of the mast and that Jesus appeared to be standing amidst clouds. I saw Jesus standing on top of the mast. He was standing between two people and was putting on a white cloth. His hair was black.”

If this is the Second Coming, it marks an auspicious way for the Son of God to make an entrance. Rejoice! For he comes with angels and seven trumpets to free us from two-year contracts for our lousy phones. Forever and ever, Amen.

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