Excalibur Delivers Line of “Joke Man” Products: Inner Clown Dies

Humor is subjective. One man’s comic genius is another man’s lame a-hole. But even the most hardcore fan of Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling might be hard pressed to find the laughter in the new line of products from Excalibur Electronic. These talking devices are the sorts of thing only a product whore like Krusty the Klown might produce.

We’re talking items like Jackie’s Talking Comedy Calculator ($29.95), so you can roll on the floor and laugh while you do some number crunching. But wait, there is more. Order today and you can get Jackie’s GrossMaster ($19.95), which offers all of the former Howard Stern sidekick’s G-rated jokes and songs, or introduce your kids to Jackie’s Mini JokeMaster Jr. ($9.95) or Jackie’s JokeMaster Jr. ($24.95), which are both loaded with jokes for kids ages 6 to 12 (the only age group that might actually enjoy these products). There is even Jackie’s Talking Insult Mirror for $20, which will tell your guests things such as “you’re ugly enough for twins!” I’m not sure when exactly the laugher died… but products like these convince me it is dead and buried!