Google to Distribute Premium Content, Just Like on the Tee Vee

Google is partnering with some premium content suppliers, including Dow Jones, Condé Nast, and BMG Music Entertainment, to offer video — coupled with ads — on sites like StreetInsider and a few others. Essentially, they’re repackaging big media, adding some ads, and letting blogs post it like it was theirs.

“Once upon a time, if you had some video content that you wanted to distribute, you could do it on three television stations in the days of the networks, then 100 in the days of cable,” said Kim Malone, director of online sales and operations for Google AdSense. “Now, thanks to this program, you can do it on literally millions of channels on the Internet.”

Fair enough. It’s good to see some of the big fellas are lining up on this whole Internet thing.

Google in Content Deal With Media Companies [NYTimes]