Gadget Spotter: Bloody iPod Edition

Ooo! So gruesome. How could they do that?!

I’m starting a new feature on weekends called Gadget Spotter. Basically, I’m going to put my obsessive TV watching to good use. Every weekend, I’ll post some screen caps of gadgets used in action on various TV shows the previous week. It’s up to you to give me the name of the show, who is using it and the make/model of the device. Some of these will be easy. Others will be hard. And others, well, they’ll be pretty lame, but just bear with me. Post your answers in the comments section. And if you spot anything during the week on TV that might worth posting, please e-mail me at wayne at crunch gear dot com.

What TV is this? Bonus points if you can tell me what game is being played on the screen.

An easy one, but what laptop is that?

Please watch this show. I don’t want it to get canceled.

Another easy one. What’s the make/model?

Farewell, we hardly knew ye.

This is actually from a movie released on DVD this week. I want to buy this watch for novelty purposes.