Black iMacs, Lots of Hardware Refreshes Due from Apple; iMac to Become Just "Mac"?

If I had a dollar for every time we had to write about a Mac rumor, well, I could afford a new Mac. And if I’m willing to wait a few months, it could be a black iMac. That’s the rumor du jour, according to MacScoop, who’s heard through a cousin’s friend’s dog trainer’s parole officer that Apple is planning a major product update for the aging iMac, which includes a black option, much like like what’s available with the MacBook.

This makes sense and brings the iMac in line with the MacBook, at least stylistically. In addition to the iMac, the word on the street is that Apple is set to update pretty much everything across the board, from desktops to portables to servers. This update is long in coming, we haven’t had new Macs of any kind for awhile.

What’s unknown is if Apple is going to keep the iMac name. Don’t forget, it’s done away with “iBook” as well as “Powerbook” and “PowerMac”. While iMac is a popular brand, we wouldn’t be surprised if the new iMacs are called, quite simply, “Macs”.

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