Voice Activated Answering Machines Delivers Messages, Therapy

I actually picked up one of these voice activated answering machines the other day for about $250. Aside from giving me my messages when I ask it to, it also gives out great advice for real life situations. For instance, we had this conversation last night:

VV: Hey Answering Machine, can we…talk?

Answering Machine: Sure Vince, what’s up?

VV: Well I think I may have crabs.

Answering Machine: Let me check it out.

Answering Machine: Nah, you’re good.

VV: What a relief. Thanks bro. Need anything from the bodega?

Answering Machine: A Vitamin Water would be fantastic, actually.

Truth be told, I enjoy having it around. Aside from wonderful advice, this answering machine recognizes up to 15 commands and also can store up to 60 messages. Pick one up if you want an answering machine with a modern design or calm, professional advice on a daily basis.

Voice Activated Answering Machine [Red Ferret]