Mac Users Don't Do Security Says Some Brit, Some Other Guy from Ohio

A fellow by the name of Kevin Finisterre has been posting OS X security holes and bugs on his website every day. Some aren’t too happy that Finisterre is doing this as it could let otherwise clueless attackers know what to look for when trying to penetrate an OS X box. But Kevin thinks he’s doing the right thing. He says that OS X users are lazy and don’t care about security, which is completely untrue.

It’s not that we don’t care about security (we do), it’s just that we don’t worry like Windows users have to. We have no viruses going around, we hold only a small market share, and our OS is safe to begin with out of the box. Perhaps if Mr. Finisterre stopped posting security holes for the public to gawk at, we’d all be a bit safer instead of acting like paranoid jackasses.

Mac users ‘still lax on security’ [BBC]