LCD + BB Gun = Art

As much as we love the gear we cover, we still like to see it get abused sometimes. Who hasn’t taken their busted-ass phone and thrown it from a parking garage to see the plastic splash pattern it leaves behind? Yah, we know you have. It has something to do with the pre-teen urge to blow up your G.I. Joes with firecrackers, we think.

We don’t advocate the destruction of working gadgets, but when they’re broken, go nuts, like the guy in the video above. His LCD quit working, so he blew it away with a Desert Eagle BB gun. It didn’t make many holes, but it did make for interesting liquid-crytal art. The first bit is boring, but the last half just looks really, really cool.

BB GUN vs lcd monitor [Break, via Coolest-Gadgets*]

* Bonus Humor! Chances are, in the Google ads on the via link, you’ll get great offers on LCD TVs. heh.