WiiXT Modchip Allows DVD Playback On The Wii

With no PS3 modchip in sight, it seems hackers and tinkerers have moved on to thoroughly exploiting the Nintendo Wii. WiiXT, the latest modchip to come out of hiding, is being touted as the “Ultimate Wii Modchip” by its creators. Why? Maybe because it’ll allow any Wii or Gamecube backup to be played, keeps VC support, and allows region-free playback of DVDs.

It looks like a solid effort, but until I see one of these for sale next to a Pro Action Replay, I call vaportrash. Just read this stuff that’s directly posted to the site:

I’d like to resell / buy / sample the WiiXT – Currently we do not have the funds to start production, understand that we have bricked countless Wii’s working on this chip, and buying more Wii’s can be very hard due to the lack of supply. When we are nearing a set release date, there will be more information for resellers and samplers on this site.

Truth be told I’m pretty sure this is just a fake by 14-year-old kid who just learned HTML, but go ahead, WiiXT, prove me wrong.

Official Site