Want to Buy the Slinky Chair?

Remember the Slinky Chair? It was featured on the Feb. 8th episode of Diggnation, where Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht repeatedly mentioned the hot Japanese girl in the video. Actually, the girl is probably Chinese because Mandarin is overheard in the clip, but whatever. I guess we all look the same to you, Kevin and Alex.

It turns out the chair is available online for $800. The FlexibleLove 16 Folding Chair is made of an “accordion-like, honeycomb structure,” according to My Virtual Zone, and the materials are made entirely out of recycled paper and wood products. The chair can seat up to 16 people, and is sold out at the moment.

A mini-version of the chair also is a available for those who just want to enjoy its design without all the hassle of finding a place to put it in your living room.

FlexibleLove 16 Folding Chair [via Digg]