PS3 Getting HD Content Downloads Soon? recently spoke with Sony’s Phil Harrison about the future of the PS3 and what new releases to expect in 2007. Seems Sony is getting geared up to launch HD content on the Playstation Network with movies, music, and TV shows. Harrison also drops hints at bigger hard drives on the PS3 and goes on to let us all know that there won’t be a price cut anytime soon.

After spending some time with the PS3 and messing around with the Playstation Network, I can seriously say that PSN need improvements. It has a lackluster UI, a small batch of content, and no movies or TV shows! Sometimes I just want to shell out the cash for a DRM’d episode of Grey’s Anatomy because I want to watch it ASAP. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of moves Sony plays with its super-console before we know what it has up it’s sleeve.

Sony’s Phil Harrison Reveals PS3 Movie Downloads, Denies Price Cuts [Daily Tech]