Cingular's iPhone Pricing Leak: Fakiest Fake that Ever Did Fake

Gizmodo has the scoop on Cingular’s particular pricing for plans compatible with the upcoming iPhone. Ok, not really, they’re right in calling this total donkeypucky. Not only is the layout atrocious, but the writing is that of a third-grader (we know, we hire them here). Take, for example, this tasty quote:

There are also plans that don’t require a credit check allowing you to pay automatically with a credit or debit card.

Now, we’re not saying those plans don’t exist, we’re just saying that Cingular AT&T is a big enough company to hire marketing pros to write its copy, not credit-challenged fanboys.

This Photoshoppery sucks. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we’ll see some really good fakes. Yes, fanboys, start up your Photoshops. Challenge us. Make us believe.

$399 iPhone Rumor: Cingular’s Rate Plans Leaked? (LOL) [Jason Chen’s Gizmodo]