CyberLock: Uncomprimising Security

The lock is the primary safeguard to the conduit of your home. So you better be sure it’s secure enough to deflect would-be intruders from your valuables, whatever it/they may be.

CyberLock promises to protect that conduit a little bit more. Using specialized electronic cylinders, it can convert existing locks into high-tech, high-security home guardians. The electronic cylinder contains a microprocessor and memory and is designed to the exact dimensional standards of the mechanical cylinder it is replacing.

Keys can be programmed to open multiple doors, so if all of the places your visit use the CyberLock system, you could feasibly carry one key. That’d be a welcome alternative to my massive keychain, at least.

Whenever a key is used to open a certain lock, a system logs the entry and creates a concise audit report of events. It can be accessed via web portal or from an internal server.

No word on price, but I imagine it’s somewhere on the other side of expensive.

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