BubblePly Upgrades Fun Video Annotation

Israeli company BubblePly has significantly upgraded its service for overlaying images and text on video.  Launched in December, the service now allows live links, full control over fonts and extensive use of images.  It’s a much more useful service now than it was before.

Users can work with videos added by URL from almost any video site on the web.  Copyright concerns are believed to be moot because the service doesn’t change the video itself, it just places a layer of data on top of it.

The company highlights favorite videos from popular viral video sites for users to annotate – though annotation may be too serious a word.  There’s presumably no shortage of young people who would enjoy marking up the recent hit video “Spiders on Drugs,” though BubblePly points to a copy of the video allegedly sold to ebaumsworld by someone other than the creator.

The company has made a number of special Valentine’s Day videos that users might enjoy marking up, as you can see below in the second of two examples.  I would get in big trouble if I sent one of these videos to my girlfriend today, but I suppose if I had BubblePlied the video invite to tonight’s screenings of FourEyedMonsters in 30 cities that might have been appreciated.

BubblePly seems to be targeting youth social networks, though a Google search for their name on the site brings back almost no results – compared to almost 100k for slide.com.  Perhaps this new upgrade will make Bubbleply more useful for different potential users.

See also Mojiti for an arguably stuffier implementation of similar functionality.

Check out these two examples of videos that have been worked over by BubblePly – TechCrunch Web 2.0 Interviews and Valentine Video Greating. You can add your own annotation as well, including notes on any Web 2.0 companies in the first video that have tanked since it was posted last August.