A CrunchGear Valentine's Day: What To Get Your Lady

I know that Valentine’s Day is a big pain in the ass and that getting a gift for your lady is the most boring waste of time ever. This year though, get her something the both of you can enjoy as a dorky couple. I guarantee you will find something to get her out of these next five items or I’ll call you cheap and berate you about it.

Now, onto the goods!

  • Nintendo DS (Red)
    What chick isn’t going to love a Nintendo DS? There are tons of great remakes of classics she probably grew up on and lots of fun, easy to play games like Brain Age. For a real special moment between you, pick up two DSes and play each other in Mario Kart. Just make sure you lose on purpose though ;)

  • Wine.Woot.Com
    Though wine isn’t really related to technology, you’re buying it through a website and it is romantic. The infamous Woot.com now has a wine section offering various wines each day for a discounted price. Today’s feature is the Kunde Estate Trio for only $49.99 with $5 for shipping. Why not get some wine, get drunk, pig out, and cuddle during CSI: Miami?

  • Heart-shaped USB Drive
    Nothing is more geeked out than a USB drive – especially one with a heart. Give her your heart along with a bunch of your favorite love songs on the drive. Just be prepared to buy some flowers too, because this isn’t cutting it, you cheapskate.

  • X and O Bakeware
    Williams Sonoma may be an overpriced cookware store, but it’s a damn fun one. Pick up some fun new kitchenware and cook with your lovely lady for a change. Try making cookies or small cakes with this X and O mold. Baking not your thing? Freeze some water in these and spice up a cocktail with some lovin’!

    Of course if you’re a really unimaginative bum, you could just get her a pink Motorola RAZR and be done with it.