The Lapinator: An End to Roasted Nuts

If you use a laptop, listen up. This will be of interest to you. Unless there is something wrong with the nerves in your lap, or you’re in possession of some magic laptop that doesn’t produce heat, you’ve no doubt been in a situation where your laptop becomes uncomfortable to hold effectively.

I’ve tried many products aimed at alleviating the heat concerns emitted from my machine and had little success with any of them. I’ve also tried many half-assed options such as using a pillow, book, magazine, etc. Like the products, those solutions work for a short while, but inevitably begin to conduct heat from the laptop.

It was a predicament I had come to accept; a necessary evil that could not be got around. Or could it?

I first encountered the Lapinator back in August of last years. Due in part to preoccupation, it slipped from my memory and didn’t return until my recent purchase of a MacBook Pro.

When the Pro arrived, I experienced the same heat issues as always and set myself to discovering an alternative. It was then that Lapinator snapped back into my memory. Searching CrunchGear archives I located my old entry on the product and touched base with Lapinator, Inc. to get one of its products into my lap. It arrived this morning.

I’ve been using it for several hours and I have to say that this thing works. Comprised of 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, the Lapinator is capable of deflecting most heat radiation before it’s absorbed by your sensitive parts. And the included rubber feet raise the back of your laptop and allow heat to dissipate more quickly, which, as you know, is good for any computer.

My only real gripe is that it doesn’t actually secure to your laptop. Granted I’m not entirely sure how that could be accomplished, but it would be a desirable feature. That said, in its current form, with the rubber feet, the laptop does stay in place quite well, I just wish it could somehow snap to the bottom.

The lap-side is made of comfortable padding that rests happily against your legs. The standard version measures just 13 x 12 x 1-inches and weighs in at only 10-ounces, while the Plus measures 18 x 12 x 1-inches and weighs 15-ounces. It fits snugly within my laptop case and looks as if it should be easy to transport.

At just $24.95 for the Lapinator and $29.95 for the Lapinator Plus (reviewed), this item is a great investment for anyone who owns a laptop and a lap. It’s available now.