Hands On With All the Samsung Ultras: Can You Say Ultra Purdy?

I’m not wetting myself over these or anything, but they’re quite clever. All of Samsung’s new Ultra line is really quite impressive, especially the paper-thin 5.9. I can imagine, however, how Ultra Painful it is to get a shard of Samsung Ultra in your gluteus maximus when you sit down on it and it Ultra cracks in half.

The 5.9 is the Ultra-est of the bunch. It’s your basic flat candybar with EDGE, Bluetooth, and a 3-megapixel camera.

The 9.6 is a clamshell with EDGE and Bluetooth. The screen is extremely thin and it’s very light.

The 12.1 is the weirdo of the bunch with a slide-out keypad and it comes in a few colors. Of the three, I’d say the 5.9 is the hottest. It’s just a little SLVR of a thing and it’s RAZR thin and Q9-uite Q-ute. And look at the way it Shines! Looks like someone out that has some serious competition.