GPS Sneakers Defeat Purpose of Sneaking

The Associated Press has an article about new sneakers, called Quantum Satellite Technology, designed to help locate people via GPS. At $350, the sneakers contain a 2-by-3-inch chip that is activated by a button located inconspicuously near the shoelaces. An alert detailing the wearer’s location is sent to a 24-hour monitoring service that charges $19.95 a month. The chip also can be activated remotely by law enforcement using a password, and once it activates, it will continue to transmit until the battery runs out.

Privacy issues aren’t really addressed in the article, expect that the designer points out that anyone trying to activate the shoes will incur the cost of law enforcement’s response.

The shoes are being sold on Fele and have a limited production run of 1,000. The designer, Isaac Daniel, says more than 750 already have been sold.

Quantum Satellite Technology [via Gearlog]