Gamecock Comes Out Fighting

The former heads of Gathering of Developers (G.O.D.), a video game publishing company, which launched in the mid-1990s before being bought out by Take 2 Interactive, have returned. Industry veterans Mike Wilson, the former CEO of GOD, and former president Harry Miller have officially announced the launch of a new independent game publisher, Gamecock Media Group.

Said Wilson about the name, “Honestly, it is just a little bit of just having some fun and being silly. And I think the industry needs to lighten up just a little bit. Another part of it is just putting our money where our mouth is in terms of being a publishing label, and not being a brand that matters so much to gamers.”

Currently the company has five titles in the works for next generation consoles, PC and handhelds including: Hail to the Chimp (Wideload Games), Fury (Auran), Insecticide (Crackpot Entertainment), Mushroom Men (Red Fly Studios), and Hero (Firefly Studios).

Upstart Video Game Publisher to Focus on Small Developers
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