Very Ugly Bug at

The “find a group” section of the new Barack Obama social network contains a hard coded racial and sexual orientation slur. When searching groups, a couple of search options appear along with the hard coded text “Example: Gay Nigger Association of America -#@ for Obama, 16892.” If you have an account and are signed in to the social network, this appears on:

This was either done maliciously by one of the developers of the site, or more likely, there is a security hole in the software that has been exploited. Either way, not a good start for the Barack Obama social network. Update: see below – this is actually a “feature” and simply uses the most recently created group as an example in search.

Thanks to Scott Hurff at GroupVine for pointing this out.

Update: A commenter notes that this was fixed. The text now says “Example: Pasadena and Altadena for Obama, 91103.”

Further Update: This appears to be a “feature” that uses the most recently created group as the example text on the group search page. I have had my hand slapped by a representative of the Obama campaign, who really should have just said “thanks for notifying us of this, it’s been fixed.”

Further Update: The site has been changed so that groups must be approved by the campaign staff prior to going “live” on the groups search.